Monday, March 7, 2011

Toxic Water City

The above image depicts two distinct terrains of the relationship between Area Hydrography and Area Hydrography parcels, both infused with census economic data. Peaks and valleys are areas around Syracuse that are connected to water bodies and have high/low populations. We've noticed that the terrain produced adheres to the boundaries of the water bodies' and land parcels' shapes, but that the form and slope of the terrain is highly dependent on the order in which the features are added.
For example, the differences between the two above terrains is as follows:

1. Area Hydro Parcel feature + Area Hydro feature = TIN A (left)
2. Area Hydro feature + Area Hydro Parcel Feature = TIN B (right)

Both terrains contain the same data, yet there are differences that range from minute to undeniably apparent. Elle and I will continue to investigate...

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