Thursday, February 10, 2011

Images of a Zone-Team Yellow

When we began this project we chose to focused in on signage as a concept for the way one can understand this section of the city. By using GPS enabled photographs, twitter, and foursquare we were able to start to understand the way signage, and the types of signage that are found in the area. This area has a number of forces on it, there is a current move by the City of Syracuse, as well as Syracuse University, to gentrify this area. Within the last few years this area has become known as the SALT(Syracuse Art, Life and Tech) District. The aim was to start changing the area by creating artist spaces within the Near West Side that would help reinvent and breathe new life in, much like what occurred in SoHo. In addition the School of Architecture held a competition for three new houses that have since been built, moving higher income families into the area. Initially we began to map the area as a series of moments that are based on a precise location and orientation to achieve a better understanding of what people experience. From this we now begin to question the relationship between the current population and the incoming population. In addition we question how these two groups manifest themselves within the context. Based on the fact that the majority of posts and foursquare occurrences were based upon our foray into the area one can see that this is not an area typically visited by those outside the community. The way each group manifests itself is obvious by the signs they use to present themselves. The graffiti of the current population contrast the clean letters of the Lincoln. By going through and further documenting this change and starting to include information from GIS that starts to showcase the changing population.

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