Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mapping Preference - Team Blue

This image is how Team Blue looked to combine the many different kinds of data collected, including Tweets, FourSquare checkins, Yelp reviews, GPS locations, streetscapes, and zoning information. At first when looking at all of the data it seemed overwhelmingly different; however, when laid out in comparison to each other, we were able to see some interesting trends.

The thing that stood out to me the most was that one side of our zone was much denser with social media activity than the other. Restaurants receive more attention than shops or other businesses - but the main factor missing from our data is time. Because we collected all of our data between Friday and Monday, we did not see if the trends differed from weekend to weekdays.

Another thing which stood out to me from the Antoine Picon lecture was the idea of mapping as a new form of personal expression. By focusing on these forms of data, our mapping becomes a new lens into the apparent inequalities of internet presence in downtown Syracuse. The map is now much more subjective because it is based on feelings towards particular places. Can this subjective knowledge affect how we objectively view the city?

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